Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do you have vampire eye teeth?

you know the pointed ones that are a little longer..

Do you have vampire eye teeth?
Yes, but had them, grained off. So, did my Daughter. An, my Mother had them,too.
Reply:yes just a little bit.
Reply:no i don't!
Reply:nah. but my sister does. i dont see anything wrong with them but shes really self conscious about it... i dont think great teeth are that big of a deal, theres always braces and that stuff.
Reply:yes, do you want me to bit you
Reply:Last time I checked..... no. And I can eat garlic just fine.
Reply:No and some people have teeth that are not natural but pretty.
Reply:Yeah, but they aren't long enough or sharp enough to make good punctures. I still have to use my icepick before sucking blood ... ooops!


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